A Inside Look at Charter’s Most Talented Artists

Kara Warren, Staff Writer

   As students headed to lunch on a cool Friday morning, they were enticed into the M building. To their surprise, an exhibit of paintings and sculptures spread throughout two classrooms. From acrylics and clay displays to pastel and charcoal artwork, PPCHS’s artistic students showed that art comes in many forms. As well as giving their peers insight on the creative processes that represent either the artists themselves or their thoughts.

   As a freshman, it’s easy to underestimate the abilities one can hold. But Gabby Mesidor blew us all away with her realistic work of an ordinary girl living out an ordinary, but peaceful life. Gabby has always had an interest in art, where she practices using different mediums. On Friday, she admitted that she and her friends gained a lot from being able to view each artist’s projects. “When the paintings are on display it makes you think of the dedication it took to create. It adds a different appreciation for the time we each put into making our creations. It especially made me happy seeing everyone’s creations and knowing mine was sitting right beside theirs.”

   With a deep interest in the philosophy of finding one’s true purpose, sophomore Lucas Porven created an abstract piece that represents just that. Although he’s only pursued his passion for art in 2 short years, Lucas was excited for him and his friends to participate in the art walk: “I hope others gained the idea that everyone is different with their own sparks and motivations. As art is simply a way for people to express themselves and their emotions. Knowing that it’s an easy outlet for so many, it’s cool to admire each person’s identity and individuality within their work.”

   Marcella Lesmes, a senior who’s used art as a creative outlet for as long as she can remember, was featured in this year’s art walk for her abstract, acrylic painting. Being enrolled in AP drawing, Marcella hopes that the art walk brought light and inspiration to the rest of us: “Being able to view my peer’s work allowed me to see a lot of talented artists and their creative abilities. As an artist myself it inspired me, but I hope other students were able to gain as much as I did.” 

   As we all saw last Friday, PPCHS’s young talents have been able to use their everyday experiences to channel their creativity into absolute masterpieces! From the variety of mediums and the unique creations they each designed, it’s clear that each of us is capable of making beautiful pieces. And fortunately, the art walk’s aim to gain more support and appreciation to our school’s artists was a success and has brought much more anticipation to what we’ll see next!