SGA’s First Thanksgiving Food Drive


Photo by Jeinily Bencon

Trisha Villanueva, Staff Writer

   For the first time ever, SGA hosted a Thanksgiving Food Drive from November 2nd to the 10th. Our participation goes towards the Pembroke Pines Carl Shechter Thanksgiving Food Drive.

   Students donated non-perishable food items such as canned goods, stuffing, pasta, sauces, and other Thanksgiving staples to their first period teacher. Gift cards to supermarkets were also accepted. 

    SGA President Alexis Galletta expresses, “The SGA Thanksgiving Food Drive was a success! With all the donations combined, we fully packed 25 cases with non-perishable items.” The homeroom that collected the most donations were Ms. Janelle Alongi’s class with a total of 65 items, followed by Ms. Lutchi with 50 items, and Mr. Curry with 42 items. 

   Mr. Curry says he is happy that there are so many people willing to help out those less fortunate in our community; “It warms my heart.”

   The donations benefit many families in Pembroke Pines, who were primarily selected in Charter schools, but other agencies such as the Police Department, also provided names of other families.

   The City fills 58 quart plastic bins, so families can expect to receive more that can be consumed for Thanksgiving. In addition to non-perishable items, some donations include toiletries, diapers, and pet food. They will also receive a turkey!

   “We are grateful to our Fire Department for delivering the Thanksgiving baskets to each selected family. We try to make the process as easy as possible for the families,” says Susan Shetchter, the coordinator of the drive. 

   The Thanksgiving Food Drive has been held by the Southwest Focal Point Community Center for the past 18+ years and it looks forward to the continued support of our community for many more years to come.