Best Halloween Movies To Watch All October Long


Graphic by Megan Bilecki

Samantha Miragliotta, Features Editor

   The month of October has finally arrived, and both students and teachers are excited about watching their favorite Halloween movies this year. As well as being able to participate this year in more festivities. During this time, most people usually begin viewing their favorite Halloween films, decorating for the fall season, and brainstorming costume ideas. Here, Charter students will share their thoughts on the best Halloween movies to watch this October and which is their favorite. 

    The following are some student and teacher responses to the question, what is your favorite Halloween movie and why? 

   “My favorite Halloween movie is Invisible Sister. This movie had one of my favorite childhood actresses, Rowan Blanchard. The way that the two sisters came together at the end and realized the importance of family was very heart-warming. I also love this movie because it is not your typical, scary Halloween movie…highly recommend! -Junior Amanda Roman

   “My favorite movie would have to be GhostBusters. It’s a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by family and friends that can be watched repeatedly throughout the years. Although it’s old and vintage the film has a really nice touch to it and can be relieved throughout the years.”-Senior Raul Lopez 

   “The nightmare before because I like the type of animations and is better than that Tim Burton used in the corpse bride because of the colors and style which is different from most Halloween films.”– Junior Kailey Maldanado 

   “As far as my favorite Halloween movie is, it would be Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder. This movie is my favorite because no matter how many times I have seen it I don’t know if I have seen it all the way through. Therefore, I feel like there is more to watch because I don’t know if I have actually seen it all. There are just certain parts of that film that are just hilarious and I love the character Gene Wilder plays. It’s not one that I feel I will ever get to the bottom of. ” -Mr. Foreman

   “My favorite Halloween movie is Monster House. This movie’s animation and character development was second to none. It is a classic that can be enjoyed time and time again.”– Senior Melanie Miguel 

   “Fear Streak 1994 is one of my favorite Halloween movies because I really like the colors used, the plot and just its overall formula you can’t really mess with. But my favorite horror movie of all time is HackSaw Ridge.” -Junior Luca Mnchini 

   “The monster squad is my favorite Halloween movie because it was really fun to watch. I remember watching it when I was kid and I loved it.” -Mr. Toepel

   “My favorite Halloween movie was Halloween Town because it was not in the normal aspect of horror movies. It had its own theme even though it was around its own focus. I remember watching it when I was little and loved how everything in the movie was funky and different from any Halloween movie I had ever watched.” -Junior Adrian Mauz

   “One of my favorite halloween movies I watched growing up was Hocus Pocus.” -Freshman Madison Smith

   “My favorite Halloween movie is Halloween Town. I remember watching it when I was a kid and I just loved the story line and costumes in the movie.” -Freshman Leah Miragliotta 

   “My favorite Halloween movie would have to be Hocu Pocus. This movie had a great cast and a very interesting storyline. I also enjoyed it because it was not like every other Halloween movie that you watch, it wasn’t super scary, it was funny.” -Sophomore Hana Bushra

   “A Nightmare Before Christmas! I just think it’s such a classic and I watch it every year. I also think it’s really cool how the movie had such an original plot. I also really liked the design of the characters. They were really creepy and I love that for Halloween.” -Sophomore Isabella Cela

   “My favorite Halloween movie is Scream because there were a lot of twists and turns and suspenseful moments. I also thought that the writing was really good.” -Mr. Fagen