Don’t Worry About Volunteer Hours: Trust Us


Graphic by Megan Ingram

Lindsey Smith, Staff Writer

   In a span of four years, an extensive “to do” list accumulates until one task stands out: volunteer hours. At the mere mention of the name, a look of utter panic appears and settles in the pit of one’s stomach. If, I haven’t completed my volunteer hours yet, sounds familiar, don’t panic, there is a solution to hour agitation.

   The act of actively committing time to a volunteer organization can be overwhelming. With tests looming overhead, seemingly unmanageable amounts of homework, and an endless supply of stress, it is practically impossible to commit a certain number of hours a week to a specific organization. With that in mind, Charter has a handful of helpful alternatives: clubs. With clubs ranging from the culinary arts to political activism, Charter has a wide list to choose from, many of which have excellent volunteer opportunities. 

   Dance Marathon, a club dedicated to supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN hospitals), not only provides valuable experiences, but also includes a wide variety of different volunteer opportunities. Sophomores and co-presidents/executive directors, Isabella Chavez and Sebi Reyes-Farinas describe the club as a great place to learn valuable skills and earn volunteer hours. As Sebi Reyes-Farinas said, “[v]olunteer service is essentially surrounded on truly making an impact in your community whether that is at a local or even national level. Dance Marathon is a nationally recognized program that enables students of all backgrounds to truly make a difference on a hands-on basis!”

   Best Buddies is an internationally known organization. Its main objective is to help people with disabilities. Volunteer opportunities range from Saturday Schott Center visits to the end of year walk. Junior Miranda Pereira, the president of Best Buddies, states, “Best Buddies has great volunteer opportunities! One of these is the Schott Center where members are able to gain hands-on experience working with people that have disabilities. It’s a program we were doing online for a while during the pandemic and we’re so happy to be having it in person this year!” The in-person experience is, indeed, a game changer when it comes to crossing volunteer hours off the list.

   Key Club, an internationally recognized organization, dedicates their time to helping better the community. With a variety of supply drives, donations, and fundraisers to help different organizations and groups throughout the community, Key Club is a fulfilling and valuable experience that happens to have a happy bonus; service hours. Junior Trinity Tang, secretary of Key Club states, “Key club has provided a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I never thought I’d find! Key club does so much for the community and for the school, and it’s much more than something to get volunteer hours from. It forms a tight-knit community that teaches the importance of unity and power of dedication. From Haiti donations to blood drives, Key club is a nationally recognized student run organization that’ll always welcome you.”

   Relay For Life is not only morally fulfilling, but also hour giving. Whilst participating in a variety of different fundraisers throughout the year, the grand finale, the holy grail of it all, occurs at the end of the year where students can earn about 9 hours. The main priority of the club is to raise money to support the American Cancer Society and help fund research to bring an end to cancer. Junior Jayna Brunner, president of the club, says, “…Relay for Life is an organization that is part of the American Cancer Society. During the year, the club raises money that will fund cancer research and provide cancer patients with necessities such as rides to chemo treatments…” Jayna adds, “Cancer never stops and neither will we. Joining the team will not only give you a sense of importance in the world around you, there are also volunteer opportunities for members. We engage in activities throughout the year such as making cards for Joe DiMaggio Patients, which will earn you volunteer hours. Participating in the Relay for Life city event is another opportunity for members to earn service hours.” 

   PPCHS offers a multitude of different resources when it comes to earning enough volunteer hours. Dance Marathon, Best Buddies, Key Club, and Relay for Life are just a few among many different clubs that serve multiple purposes. With a plate piled high with different obligations and tasks to attend to, Charter has made one thing a bit easier: meeting service hours. With a long list to choose from, which club will you decide to join?