Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Samantha Miragliotta, Features Editor

   The new school year has begun, and students are all back to learning in person. At charter students will face several new challenges as the year 2021 begins. Returning to school is a thrilling experience that brings with it plenty of new possibilities!

   The following are some student responses to often asked questions, including what students’ expectations, aspirations, and hopes for the forthcoming school year are? Also, how do you feel about the start of the new school year?

   “For this new school year, I’m feeling somewhat nervous to be back in the physical classrooms. It has been kind of difficult to get back into the normal routine of things and to wake up to the 7:15 schedule. As a senior, I think that this year it will be easier to collaborate with our classmates and share/receive help from others. Spending my junior year online had made studying and completing work much more difficult, as well as paying attention. I think being back in class will also help a lot of students complete their work in the way our teachers expect. I’m hoping everyone stays as safe and healthy as possible in these conditions.”-Senior Melanie Miguel

   “I’m looking forward to the new school year! It’s been hard being on Zoom for so long, so seeing all my friends in one place again has been a really nice experience. This year I hope to learn much more in my classes than I did last year since online learning didn’t work very well for me. Being in person will also allow us to be more involved in Best Buddies. I’m really excited for what’s to come!”– Senior Miranda Pereira

   “I was initially very nervous for this new school year, especially because of the risk of catching covid. However, as the days have gone by I’ve come to love it and I do my best to stay safe. My main goal this year is to get more involved in school activities because I didn’t join anything last year.”  -Junior Diana Angel

   “I’m looking forward to this school year! I’m excited to be back on campus where I can hang out with friends and interact with my teachers. I definitely missed attending school in person and I hope this year brings back a feeling of normalcy that we previously lacked.” -Junior Rania Mourad

   “Although this school year is different from the past ones, I am feeling very optimistic that it will still be a good experience. I am also hopeful that we won’t have to go back online  this school year and that it would be a great time to meet new people.”-Freshman Marissa Martin

   “For this new year, I am feeling a little nervous but I am also very excited at the same time. I can’t wait to participate in all the upcoming activities, clubs, and get the full high school experience. My hopes and expectations this year are that I will be able to connect more with my teachers and form bonds with new friends. I felt a bit more isolated being at home, however now with this new year I feel optimistic about the year to come.” -Freshman Leah Miragliotta 

   “This year I’m actually feeling a little excited because I can see all my friends again and actually interact with my teachers and classmates. I really hope this year I will be able to learn better than I did last year. Due to online learning, I also had a hard time understanding lessons and paying attention during class because of all the distractions around me, so hopefully, if the school doesn’t close down again, I will be able to learn properly.” -Sophomore Riya Robin

   “I am very excited for this new school year, especially since we can go back to school in person. Some expectations or hopes I have for this year compared to that of last year is for there to be more social interaction. As well as that, we students can experience somewhat of a normal school year again.” -Sophomore Valerie Glen