Water Polo Profile: A Wonderful Season for Lady Jags


   In a year plagued with the pandemic, the sports world, from professional leagues to high school sports have been vastly affected. Some teams forfeited the season and declared the season null, but the PPCHS Lady Jags Varsity Water Polo team refused to hang up their swim caps. 

   One of the captains of the team this year was PPCHS senior Zoe Mutombo, who’s been a member of the team since her freshman year. The Lady Jags had set goals to advance as far in the tournament as they could. “We wanted to make the most of the season we had, even if it meant smaller crowds, more restrictive policies, and fewer home games.” To achieve it, the team members attended extensive and frequent practices, just a few moments after virtual school ended. “It was weird logging out of Zoom and then going to school for practice. I’m so used to just going from my 6th period and walking out the gate into the locker room. It definitely took some adjusting for me.”

  This month proved to be full of highs and lows for the team, as the tournament got more competitive and the season heated up. “We made it to the Regional Semifinals. It was a great feeling and we had built a lot of momentum up to that point.” From sophomore to senior, each member at various positions contributed to team wins. “A lot of girls scored goals here and there, and they kept adding up. Everyone played their part.” Unfortunately, the Lady Jags fell to Westminster Academy in the regional finals game.

  Nonetheless, Captain Mutombo was proud of everyone. “I’m proud of what we endured throughout this season. It was unprecedented for everyone, and I am feeling bittersweet now that it’s over.” Congratulations to the Lady Jags for another great season. Once we find ourselves out of a global pandemic, it’s only up from here!