All Hail 2020’s ‘Amazon’g Tech


Graphic by Xavier Mateo

Graphic by Xavier Mateo

    With the pandemic sweeping across the globe, a variety of people ranging from students to adults have been forced to stay at home amidst shutdowns and quarantine protocols. Gone is the days of freely partying with friends, shopping, etc. Tons of people around the globe are at home 24/7. What’s one to do? Technology companies have arguably benefitted quarantine life the most, by providing addictive entertainment and business services, all at the swipe of a screen. Here are some tech companies and products that struck gold in 2020.


Zoom and Google Meets

At the very top of the list lie Zoom and Google Meets. After countless thousands of schools shut down worldwide, educational and professional institutions quickly needed to find a solution for distance learning/productivity. So, video conferencing tools, especially Zoom, definitely reached a ‘zooming’ point in popularity. Students and working adults alike are able to access classroom and working environments, all while maintaining social distancing protocols. What’s more to ask for?



Although Amazon has always been notorious for its easy shopping and accessibility, quarantine shutdowns have definitely given shopping websites a boost in popularity. Since many brick and mortar stores and businesses have either been shut down or labelled high-risk for those with preexisting conditions, Amazon (along with other online shopping websites) provides customers the opportunity to shop to their heart’s content. Whether it be clothes, games, or even home remodeling materials, Amazon’s got it all. Isn’t that ‘Amazon’g?


TikTok and Among Us

TikTok and Among Us have definitely been one of, if not the most, popularized entertainment providers throughout quarantine. One dire side effect of constant isolation has certainly been endless boredom. Spending hours scrolling through hundreds of TikTok has been a guilty pleasure for many, keeping true to its name. Many other recreational apps, including the world-conquering Among Us, have been topping the charts and are taking the world by storm. Along with the ever-popular TikTok and Among Us, many other entertainment companies have found themselves flooded with billions of new customers seeking ways to pass time.


Disney+ and Netflix

Along with various other entertainment services including Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix have also reached insanely high popularity rates this past year. Thousands of newly released movies and shows are accessible to anyone with an account — a must-have for movie-watchers across the globe. 


Blue Light Glasses

   If you haven’t heard of them before, you definitely have now. With so much time spent staring at screens, required or not, your eyes are being exposed to significantly high amounts of blue-violet light radiation, which can cause severe damage. Blue light glasses have taken the world by storm, protecting vulnerable retinas and fighting against gnawing headaches. 


   Whether it’s appreciated or not, technology has most certainly crawled into each and every crevice of daily life around the globe, especially as of last year. Whether it be more addictive apps, or real-life tech, the future of technology definitely has millions at the edges of their seats, preparing for whatever’s in store.