Farewell to Class of 2023 Student Council

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

   As the school year comes to an end, the senior Student Council has completed their final task: giving the class of 2023 a memorable senior year. In the four years they’ve worked together, the group accomplished so much, even during the Covid 19 pandemic. Today, they reminisce on all of the great memories and events they made while they were here, while getting ready to pass the torch to the class of 2024.

Aiyanna Nixon (President): “My most impactful event was the Senior Social when we chose the prom theme. The council worked really hard to make sure that we had a good line up of themes for our classmates. I haven’t always been the most creative person and I feel that I now understand how to tap into planning events and being creative. Some advice that I would like to give the Class of 2024 council is to plan accordingly. Build that relationship between each other that allows you all to fall on to each other if you need help. Balance out all jobs throughout the council, you’re a family.” 

Luz Fontana Mansilla (Historian): “The most memorable event we have had this year (to no surprise) was prom. This event was the one that we had been working toward since the end of our junior year and it’s one of the biggest moments/traditions of senior year and a way to celebrate the upcoming graduation with the class. We have learned a lot as a council throughout the year, and I would say that one thing I could have done better as a board member would have been to always try to be the first one to jump on any new project. I gained experience on how it is to work under less than ideal situations and make the best of what is there. My fellow council members also were a great part as I felt we were able to bond through our shared participation. Some advice I would give to the future senior council would be to always plan ahead as much as possible and to think of all potential outcomes to be ready to face changes. It is also important to remember to have fun since it is your last year and remember why you joined the council in the first place. Best of luck, this is Luz signing off!” 

Zade Abusaif (Parliamentarian): “The most impactful event we had this year in my opinion was definitely Prom. We spent countless hours working hard for over a year on it, and it really paid off to see the success it had. One thing I could have done better as a student council member was taking more initiative. My position in the council is not one of the higher ones, and I helped out the council in a lot of ways, but I still feel like I could have been more involved in a lot of decision-making processes. One thing I gained from being a part of the council was experience in planning. I didn’t understand how much effort had to go into planning something ‘til I joined this council. Lastly, I’d like to tell the Class of 2024 Student Council to enjoy every moment. Before you know it, your senior year will come to an end and you’ll be walking on stage for graduation. I would say to work hard, but also make that work fun. And most importantly, be proud of the work you do, because you deserve that feeling.”

Abriana Marte  (SGA Rep): “Our most special event this year was most definitely prom. It took the most planning and was one of the most stressful things to put together. However, all the work was worth it once the event finally came. I definitely gained new relationships and friendships that I’ll be taking with me in the future. I also learned the importance of organization and time management. I strongly advise the class of 2024 student council to enjoy their time. It’s definitely stressful and requires a lot of work, but you only have one senior year, so take a breath and enjoy it. It always works out in the end!”