The Committed Ones: Special Edition Adam Abougendia

Brielle Gari, Staff Writer

   Adam Abougendia, one of the back bones of the CHAT, stepped into room C117 as a freshman who couldn’t imagine the impact he can make in a short 4 years. Going into a new chapter of his life, Adam has commited to Ithaca College to play division 3 soccer with a major in sports management/journalism. 

   “Never be satisfied. I always try being better than the man in front of me and behind me,” Adam expresses with motivation, “I felt like I could make an impact”. Like most young kids trying new things, Adam was introduced to the game of soccer. His love for the sport inevitably led him to playing travel soccer at only 8 years old. 

   Abougendia really committed to the game after securing his spot on the varsity boys team as a freshman. With hard work on behalf of him and his team, he had the opportunity to experience his first state final. “When I first made the high school team as a freshman, we went to a state final and that made me love the sport again.” Even though Adam didn’t play much, it was a memorable experience he would always look back on. 

   In moments like those of his freshman year, Adam knew he would like to pursue this for as long as he could. “In high school my favorite memory was being able to celebrate a goal in a big game against any private school or district game.” Every goal calls for a celebration. Being Captain of Pines Charter’s varsity team, Abougendia took on the leadership role which drew interest. While high school soccer continued, Adam still played club soccer and that’s when offers came rolling in. Seeing that all these colleges shared interest in his talent, It made him realize, “I’m worth something.”

  Adam knew Ithaca was the next step for him academically and athletically from the moment he stepped onto campus. Describing his visit this past October, “They flew me out and took me around the school. They are in the top 5 in what I wanna major in.” Further expressing his thoughts, “When they showed the communications school and the soccer team the facilities were top notch.” 

  Even with offers from other schools, Adam chose Ithaca knowing he could make a larger impact and would be given the opportunity to play right away. “It felt like a family from the jump.” Adam explains how he feels the coaching staff cares more for their players and the development instead of just winning games. “It allows me to focus on my academics.” When talking about the future, Adam’s goal is to get on TV, ESPN specifically with sports media. “That’s the idea for after college.” 

   4 year old Adam would be beyond proud of what his 18 year old self has accomplished and how much more he has to offer, but he expresses “I am proud but not satisfied” Still being challenged every step of the way, Adam has an ongoing injury with his hamstring. Playing with a tear his whole senior season, he has worked hard to get back and  hopes it won’t affect his future career as a player. 

   Adam Abougendia has definitely made his mark not only as a player on and off the field, he has made a major impact as the person who he became. Showing his skills over the years, Adam has proved he is more than capable of achieving anything he sets his mind towards.