New TV, but COVID Style

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   Another year of watching shows and streaming movies. The latest shows are coming out at the end of the year, with new seasons and part twos. The directors and actresses have decisions to make on whether they feel comfortable working or not because this year isn’t like all the others; the ongoing pandemic affects how everything works. 


   Grey’s Anatomy, a long going series, came out with a season premiere episode on November 12, 2020. This is a show where people work in hospitals and perform surgeries, requiring some of the actresses to wear masks at certain points of the episodes. Therefore the viewers and audience are used to seeing the mask and gloves being worn. Now with Coronavirus it is mandatory to wear a mask when gathering in big groups.


    Instead of being defeated by this deadly virus, the directors of Grey’s Anatomy used this pandemic to make a plot. They made the virus a part of the show, temperature is being checked, everyone is wearing a mask, and they are sanitizing. On top of that the cast and crew for this show are tested three times a week for coronavirus. There are lists of protocols that everyone must follow, such as wearing a mask and a visor between breaks and during rehearsals. 


   Everyone is taking the pandemic seriously. Ellen Pompeo, the woman who plays Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, posted on her Instagram a picture of her with Patrick Dempsey, the man who plays Derek Shepherd. In one of the pictures they are both wearing their mask and her caption was “Let’s love, let’s heal, let’s wear a mask.”  Safety is being put first while casting the new season of Grey’s Anatomy and it’s a great example towards the audience. It can show how important it is to take precaution and be aware as the virus is not gone. 


   Coming next year is the movie Songbird, a COVID-19 related movie. This movie will be telling what it’s like living in a world with COVID; it will be a movie on what the world is currently going through. It can spread awareness to how much the virus is affecting everything and how people need to become more aware and cautious. The movie shows how bad this virus is and how important it is to quarantine and follow the protocol. The movies and shows that are coming out can give off a positive effect, they can show interesting content of the pandemic while promoting the safety measures that need to be taken.

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