PPCHS Yearbook: On the Prowl for the 2021 Release


  We all love the feeling. A fresh book, right out of the box, brand new. It even has that brand new smell to it that we all know and love. No, I’m not referring to any old PPCHS textbook. I’m referring to the PPCHS Prowler Yearbook.

  The PPCHS Prowler is headed by the Editor in Chief, Mackenzie Ahearn, and the yearbook sponsor, Mr. Fagen. The start of the school year is typically the most hectic time for the yearbook staff, as they rush against time to meet deadlines. 

  The pandemic has put a wretch in their typical plans. After all, how can you take pictures of students on Zoom? Nevertheless, the Prowler staff has gotten incredibly creative in the book’s content for this very special school year. 

  One unique thing that the staff implemented this year is the design of the cover. Students can submit selfies of themselves and their friends to be included! For seniors, this is an incredible chance to be remembered on charter’s most coveted book. 

  While open house may not have traditionally occurred this year, the yearbook still was sold at its lowest discounted price of the year: $70. The yearbook staff made sure to promote this annual sale, as flyers were posted all over social media and sent through Jupiter Ed announcements. While it may have ended August 31, the staff still had an amazing outpour of support, selling 255 books during the duration of the sale. 

  Now at the price of $80 dollars, students who purchase a yearbook will be automatically entered in an airpods giveaway. This promotion is set to end October 11th, so please don’t miss out an opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone: getting a yearbook and have the chance to win Airpods!

  Mackenzie Ahearn, the Editor in Chief of the Prowler, certainly doesn’t take her role for granted. “My role is to verse all production, meaning everyone stays on track and meets deadlines.” While also being online, this charter senior has also missed out on some traditions, such as seeing her senior picture go up in the hallway commemorating her hard work. She also looks forward to sitting in her ‘special seat again’ and underclassman photo day. 

  Mackenzie, as well as the rest of the staff, look forward to this yearbook being released.  She says, “It’s not a normal year so there is no need for a normal book! We have special hidden surprises and can’t wait for everyone to see it together!” 

  The fact remains that this year’s yearbook will certainly be one for the ages. Students are already becoming eager to see the book for themselves, as 2020 has already plunged everyone into unprecedented times, forcing out more creativity than ever before.