Local Feature: Equality in our Hands


Donated by The Ally sisters

Photo donated by Nina Ally


Equality in our Hands is an organization that was founded in May of this year by PPCHS’ very own sister duo Nina and Sonia Ally. The purpose of the organization is to uplift youth voices and create a platform for the unheard. The Ally sisters believe that while the coronavirus crisis is important, it’s also vital to recognize all the other crises going on all around the world like the Yemen Crisis, Climate Change and The Legalization of Conversion Therapy. The sisters are hopeful that this website can create an effective and long-lasting change. 


   For Nina and Sonia, starting the non-profit organization was a little challenging since they didn’t really have an idea of where to start. One of the main obstacles the Ally sisters faced was building an audience, since it’s hard to get people interested in something new. There were many  emailing campaigns and various forms of advertising required to gain more recognition. Nina also created social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter to get the word out. 


   Their effort to build a broader audience still continues today. Finances are also a challenge, since non-profit organizations typically cost a lot of money. The sisters had to pay a hefty amount to develop the website and get it off the ground. Furthermore, they are in the process of legalizing in Florida, which also requires money, and currently they are working on fundraising to keep the endeavor viable. 


   Fortunately, the Equality in our Hands team is close-knit and always willing to pitch in. The different points of view from each writer is what makes this organization unique and relevant. With members from different parts of the world, the various messages spread with ease. 


   As for the future, the sisters hope that they can create a strong enough presence for the organization so that it is able to stand on its own for years to come. They desire the younger generation to take advantage of their efforts and make their voices heard. The goal is for Equality in our Hands to become a household name, known on a national level and ultimately affiliated with Congress.


    Nina and Sonia plan to do so by continuing to develop personal connections with the members and truly making voices heard.