NHS: A New Leader at Hand


For senior Mackenzie Ahearn, becoming the National Honors Society President was something
she’s been striving to accomplish for a few years now. When inducted last year, Mackenzie
became the recording secretary and was able to gain insight into what the club needed, and how
she could make it happen.

She “wanted to become a larger part of our school and have an impact [inside and out] of
school.” However, this year is going to be a little different, due to starting off the school year
online. She still “wants [the] members to have the same opportunities as members in years past,”
which provides them with equal chances to be a part of the honors society. NHS is about helping
out the communities as well as gaining leadership skills, and that's exactly what Mackenzie is
doing and giving members the opportunities to do so as well.

One event that Mackenzie is looking forward to is Mac and Mags Drive, which was created by
her and another student in order to give back and help out the community. They raised about
“$500 and put it towards backpacks and school supplies that [was then] donated to the children at
the Davie Boys and Girls club”.

Honors societies are a big part of schools' participation in helping the communities, and NHS is
one of the bigger ones, which constantly goes to and holds events like the one mentioned above.
This year, there are big plans for NHS and Mackenize is prepared to go through with them, while
working together to make this a good year.