Sofia Mendoza


      “Almost every Saturday night we’re at Ikenna’s house. We’d watch TV shows together, we’d play Paranoia…” Sofia Victoria Mendoza. Colombian. Going to UCF. Gemini, though she doesn’t know much about astrology. When it comes to others, she’s compassionate and accepting as her ultimate life motto is to “treat everyone like you want to be treated.” She just wishes that people would be more kind to others, and she finds it unnecessary to expend any sort of negative energy, especially in this world where there’s so many terrible things happening. Though sometimes, Sofia may unintentionally spread a bit of negativity herself as she tends to project her feelings when in a bad mood. It’s her aim to fix that. It’s also her goal to treat herself a bit more nicely too. She wants to work on loving herself and to stop coming up with the worst out of every situation as she knows she “can’t live life in fear.” She also hopes to work on becoming more open-minded in respecting even “middle-ground” opinions and more social in making more effort to establish new connections. And as she’s working on these things, Sofia further aims to study art history in college so that she can one day curate artworks in museums. She’ll be working at the Louvre Museum (which has the Mona Lisa!) and creating exhibitions for artists there as she lives in her nice Paris apartment. She won’t really consider undergoing the pressures of the marriage “legal contract,” and neither will she consider kids as she’ll always be too busy. But maybe, Sofia will still perhaps find time to play tennis, experiment with makeup, play video games, paint, and draw all types of objects and landscapes and people. Charter support team: Dominique, Ikenna, Oronde, Briana W., Brianna A., Ava, Ara, Camila S. (graduated), Alex F. (graduated). Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting. Favorite shows: Sex Education & Game of Thrones. Favorite artist: Led Zeppelin. Favorite song: “Dreamer’s Ball” – Queen. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Strive to be your best but know your limits. And try to have fun.” 

  • By: Jena Manning