What’s next for NEHS…?


Morgan Lind, Clubs Editor

        The National English Honor Society at PPCHS provides students with a way to be active in extracurriculars, but to also share their love for English in any of its forms, such as poems and books. During this time, Co-President for the 2019-20 school year, Swati Kumar, along with the other officers, have made sure to keep in contact with each other and discuss what will happen for the remainder of the school year. She states,“[I]t’s important to engage ourselves every day. Ms. Phelps came up with the idea of #quarantinewithbooks, which was a great opportunity for NEHS to encourage students, faculty, and alumni to take this time to stay safe while reading, reflecting, and connecting with one another.” Students are able to participate in fun and engaging activities, such as #quarantinewithbooks, and keep themselves active in their clubs, honors societies, and more. 

        Swati also shares, “We’ve also sent out our monthly email regarding updates on hour requirements (which have been modified to accommodate our current situation), the induction ceremony, senior cords, and other ways for members to stay involved!” Keeping in touch with others is a great way for students to keep in touch and be able to talk to their friends and peers, which they might not have had the chance to do yet.

        In order to prepare for the next school year, NEHS has already conducted its officer interviews and now has their new officer board. As for new members that want to join next year, NEHS will be releasing their new member applications sometime between August and September, for students to get the opportunity to join. Like NEHS, many other honor societies have had to come up with ways for students to be able to earn their needed hours, how seniors will receive their chords, and an abundance of other situations that have been hard to achieve due to having to stay at home as of this time.