Kiddie Pools…The New Splash!

Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

    With the rising pandemic, people are continuously trying to find new ways to stay entertained throughout quarantine. New trends are being created everyday. Recently there’s even been a new wave of people buying kiddie pools. 

    Pools have already been rising in price and now with the virus in place, no one is available to begin the process of actually building pools. expressed, “I bought a kiddie pool during this quarantine because I was bored[,] and my community pool was closed,” expressed one buyer, freshman Laisha Laracuente. “I’m small so it’s quite easy to fit in and it’s cheap. People should really invest in them because it is a good way to stay cool during a hot day.” Laisha was faced with a very common problem: all the community pools are closed due to the quarantine. 

    More and more people are hopping on this kiddie pool trend, one being senior Jordan Caulfield who stated, “I bought this kiddie pool for my dog and me[…] I have been having a lot of fun using it considering the circumstances we are in, and honestly I enjoy the pool more by watching my dog have so much fun in it. I’m making the most out of this so this is the way to do it.” Jordan is another example of making good use of time without using expensive resources.

    Kiddie pools are saving people from severe boredom and making a pastime that can take months to set up into an affordable, fast way to have fun and stay safe during quarantine. It allows people to stay in the comfort of their home, and still have the same joy as they had when they were allowed a little more freedom.