Oronde Gibson


       “Right after school, after the bell rang…I usually would be talking with Ikenna, Dom, and Briana Walters.” Oronde Gibson. Trinidadian. Going to UF. Aquarius, yet he doesn’t really “follow” what it means. Oronde’s pretty much an almost-reflection of his dad. He’s quiet and very laid-back. He’s also kind and forgiving, and he doesn’t judge people so much. He accepts everyone he encounters, believing that he should “treat people how I want to be treated.” He thinks that if this was the mentality of everyone, life would surely be better most of the time. And that mentality of his probably also explains why Oronde has such an indecisive, non-confrontational nature, in which he’s not one to ever stir up any trouble with anyone. He often notices, in fact, several people opening up to him very easily at their own will. Nevertheless, Oronde does want to improve in the way that he can see himself become more outgoing and more open to others he’s not familiar with. He aims to perhaps get better at playing his instrument (trumpet) as well and to become more self-assured in making decisions. To not procrastinate is another thing, of course. But for now, Oronde remains at odds with what he wants to do for his career. Although, he does know that his path lies somewhere on the math/science side. He also certainly knows that he’ll live in a 2-story house somewhere in the “not-cold” south, along with a wife and maybe kids (as the kid thing would depend on “the state of this world”). And just maybe he’ll still be playing basketball, reflecting on memories through music, disliking when people act superior to everyone else, disliking when they chew with their mouth open, and believing that love is always in the place where you least expect it. Charter support team: Ikenna, Briana W., Brianna A., Dominique, Michael O., Nieves, Sofia M., Akira. Favorite show: Regular Show. Favorite artist: Kendrick Lamar. Advice for charter underclassmen: “School is important, but remember to have fun and make memories.”

  • By: Jena Manning