Social Media Keeps (at least) One Senior Sane

Social Media Keeps (at least) One Senior Sane

Alan Mathew, News Editor

  Senior Sofia Avello knows that whatever happens during this quarantine, Twitter will be talking about it. Social media has been one of the most important parts of isolation life for many Charter students and what can only be an unimaginable amount of people globally. 

  For better or for worse, apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok have been keeping plenty of people occupied during their day-to-day lives. Considering everything, that’s not as bad as it once might’ve seemed.

  Keeping connected is something that social distancing has made hard. Thankfully, social media stepped in. “Social media has kept me entertained by allowing me to see what is going on around the world and to see what my friends are up to. Also, there are many funny and interesting videos that [are streaming] on the internet,” says Sofia. 

   Staying up to date on the news is also a lot easier thanks to Twitter, which is constantly being updated and full of everyone from politicians to journalists. 

  Staying inside is understandably difficult. It feels like separating from the world, and it can pose a lot of challenges as we’ve seen in the past few weeks. Sofia’s no stranger to this, either. All the same, while she “[misses] being able to go outside without all these precautions and […] seeing [her] friends,” she knows that public safety is just more important right now.

  On top of it all, Sofia’s even found a bright spot: “I’ve grown closer to my parents, and I’ve definitely gotten better at being alone and comfortable by myself.”

  • Contributions also made by: Blake Rodriguez (YB)