The Trickiest Day of the Year


Samantha Miragliotta, Features Editor

   Having a laugh, playing jokes, and being a prankster are all the things that make April Fools Day unique. It’s the one holiday each year that you can play a prank on someone, and the best part is they won’t be offended. It’s the most light-hearted day of the year that celebrates foolishness.

   Below are some student responses as to what Jags think about this fools day and why they look forward to it or why they don’t.

“My April fools was really funny because I pranked my mom. I look forward to April fools because I find it a really funny day to prank your friends or family.” -Freshman Valentina Mesa


“It’s a day that you can joke around with your friends or family members to trick them. It reminds me a lot about Halloween and that’s why I like it so much. ” -Freshman Taleah Lopez 


“It’s a fun holiday and I love pranking my family and getting to play jokes.” -Sophomore Rosie Bastidas 


“I look forward to April Fools’ every year. It is such a fun and lively day. This  April Fools I got to prank my brother, I switched cream cheese for toothpaste on his bagel.”-Sophomore Megan Lopez-Ordex


“April Fools day is a great experience to prank and joke around with your friends and family in many ways! I look forward to it every year!”-Sophomore Santiago Delgado 


“April Fools is something I look forward to every year because it’s a very fun holiday where you get to make jokes and have fun!”-Sophomore Anaya Andre


“April Fools’ Day is very fun! I find it interesting to see how far people will go for a practical joke.” -Junior Diana Angel 


“It is a chance to make jokes on my friends and have a great life. This year I am very excited because with coming back to school we can finally have the opportunity to enjoy these holidays together”-Junior Amanda Roman


“Honestly, not much happened for April Fools this year which was kind of disappointing. I guess other than a small lie here and there, people mostly forgot about it.”– Senior Melanie Miguel


“I think April fools is just one of those days when you can just mess around for fun. I usually don’t do anything on the day but I love to watch the videos.”-Senior Jeslyn Chacko