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Kisha Williams / Elite Realty

Grad Bash brings PPCHS seniors a rollercoaster of emotions

On Saturday, April 13, Universal Studios became more than just a theme park—it transformed into the stage for an unforgettable adventure. From the first rays of the afternoon sun until the midnight sky sprinkled with stars, seniors from every corner of Florida gathered in Orlando for one of their last adventures of high school: Grad Bash. Whether PPCHS seniors decided to endure the endless line for the VelociCoaster, or simply window-shop at the Hello Kitty store, they would create memories that last a lifetime. 

With complete access to one of the biggest theme parks in the country, one senior’s experience could be completely different from another. Here’s what our 2024 Grad Bashers thought about the trip!

“The trip was a lot of fun, definitely a unique experience and it’s something fun to do with friends! For sure, near the end, it really gets to you, and the best way to describe it is you get delusional. But it’s so worth it!” -Valerie Glen, Senior

“I had a magnificent time. I think my favorite part of Grad Bash was the Harry Potter land because there were some exquisite desserts, and the Hagrid’s [Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure] ride was truly enthralling. I really enjoyed my time!” -Gavin Poore, Senior

“It was cool! I liked how there were a bunch of other high schools there. I got to see my friend I haven’t seen in years from Jacksonville. I liked being able to interact with other people outside of Charter.” -Ritchina Guerrier, Senior

“I think the best part was the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, that was definitely the most interesting ride I went on, or the craziest one. Just under that is [Harry Potter and the Escape from] Gringotts, that was pretty fun. Just the whole Harry Potter section, in general, was really cool!” -Giampaolo Ciaffoni, Senior

“[Jurassic World] VelociCoaster was life-changing. It was so fun, it was so worth it. I do feel bad, though, because I don’t think [some people] were prepared for the intensity of it. I only regret one ride, and that was Hagrid’s [Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure]; we waited in line for too long! Honestly, I think a lot of people prioritized trying to get on as many rides as possible. But we sat down, and meandered around Diagon Alley, and the butterbeer was so good!” -Leanne Sorensen, Senior

“It was funny how they had freestyle rappers there! They were like professional freestyle rappers there next to the [Jurassic World] VelociCoaster, and they were performing and saying things like, ‘The weirder the better!’” -Sophia Torchia, Senior

“I really enjoyed all the different roller coasters. I rode on almost all of them, like the [Incredible] Hulk [Coaster], Rip Ride Rockit, etc. It was a lot of fun being able to experience them with my friends, and I would probably say that the Hagrid’s [Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure] or Rip Ride Rockit roller coasters were my favorite.” -Orion Taleon, Senior

“My favorite memory was probably when my group got stuck on the Hagrid’s [Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure] ride. There was a part where it had a sudden drop and was supposed to continue speeding forward, but we ended up stopping right after we dropped. We thought the carts behind us would crush us, so it was pretty freaky. After slowly inching forwards, and then backwards, we suddenly started zooming down the tracks! It was a bit scary at first, but honestly made the ride more exciting and memorable.” -Hana Bushra, Senior

Kisha Williams / Elite Realty
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