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Sweet Treats by Julie

The Committed Ones: Jayden Byard

“Love at first sight” are the only words that Jayden Byard could muster when describing his passion for the game of soccer. He began playing the sport at the age of four, with his dad as one of his top supporters and coach at the time. As Jayden would get older his intimacy for soccer would only grow along with his natural talent and skill. Fast forward to his senior year of high school, he was offered a scholarship and is now committed to Barry University, where he will continue to live out his soccer dreams, playing the game he fell so deeply in love with 13 years ago.

From a young age, Jayden knew soccer was the sport for him. It became his motivation to work hard on his craft, putting in tons of hours to hone his skills. “I don’t like to say that I’m necessarily talented, but my talent would be how much work I put into the game. I definitely feel like I personally put in more work than the average player—I love the game more and I work harder.” It was this determined attitude and mindset that launched Jayden above the average competition he was facing.

His journey throughout the sport wasn’t always steady, as he’s faced his fair share of adversity. In early 2023, while playing for Kendall FC, he tore multiple ligaments in his left foot, after attempting to score off a cross. “I was out for like two months and it definitely affected me mentally; I honestly just missed playing the game.” He wouldn’t allow this set back to get him down, and instead used it as motivation to become an even better player. “I feel like God put me through that situation for a reason. It strengthened my love for the game, and I was able to appreciate it more because I know it can get taken away in a blink of an eye.”

Now, in 2024, Jayden currently plays for the club Athletum FC, a prestigious soccer academy here in South Florida. It was at this club where he would start to receive notice for his soccer ability. 

While in Pennsylvania, on a visit at a different school, Jayden would receive a text that would change his future entirely. The head coach of Barry University took interest in him, and offered him a full ride scholarship to play for the Buccaneers.

“When I saw the text I started freaking out, it was honestly a dream come true.” This moment encapsulated all the dedication and discipline Jayden had to build himself up as a player, and neither he, his friends, or his family could be prouder of what he’s accomplished. “They’ve all been there for the work I had to put in to get here; they all know the love I have for this game, and they’re all just super happy for me.”

Shortly after Jayden received this life changing opportunity, he would officially announce his commitment to Barry University on March 1st. “There’s a great coaching staff along with great facilities, and they just made it feel like home.” Jayden has already met and practiced with his future teammates. He said that he loves the group he’ll be playing with and is excited to showcase his skills on the college field. 

Jayden has been preparing himself to be college ready since he was a little, and is now getting ready to perform on the big stage with all the confidence in the world. “Barry is getting a player that’s not afraid to put his head down and get to work; a player who wants to win and is willing to do what it takes to get there; and someone who’s always looking to improve.” Jayden would love to go pro following his collegiate career, but for now it’s “following God’s path for me.”

Jayden has a long road ahead of him to get to where he wants to be, but he is certainly on track to getting there. The future is bright for this young soccer star, and, in a couple of years, he could be on the TVs of millions of people across the globe, playing the sport he holds so dearly to his heart.

Sweet Treats by Julie
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