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Rise in digital cameras: Capturing memories through the screen

Charter students have seen an incredible rise in the use of digital cameras that have flooded social media with captivating images of life as a high schooler. This small device is capable of capturing the beautiful moments that will soon become memories as PPCHS students make their way through their four years in school.

Bringing back the early 2000s photograph aesthetic, students have begun purchasing these small cameras that come in many different styles and colors. Some are even embellished with jewels or decorations that represent the owner’s personalized creativity. The camera has become an ideal portable size that is taken to sporting events, parties, holidays, and many other events that produce the most memories.

“I think with all the different technologies and apps available, we become dependent on those for our photos. But I always prefer an authentic camera because it always creates a more fun atmosphere and offers tangible results that I can hold on to forever,” shares Senior Juliette Montes.

Along with their rise in popularity, students have made their own social media accounts that are dedicated solely to sharing their digital photographs with the world. It has become a prevalent addition to the social media content that people view. 

“I decided to make an Instagram account just for my digital camera pictures to be able to share with others the amazing moments life has offered me and have been able to capture,” proclaims Sophomore Sofia Mejia. 

PPCHS students have also found that one of their favorite things to take pictures of is their friends, the people who they spend the most time with and the people who they are currently growing with in this stage of their life. It’s these friendships and relationships that have been fostered within the Charter campus that are wanting to be captured. 

“The environment and joy my friends bring is indescribable. I want to be able to look at all the photos I take in these four years in the future and say ‘I’m glad I made memories with them,’” Sophomore Faizan Shah wholeheartedly states.

Sophomore Emily Roman also exclaims, “I look back at my digital pictures every few months and laugh. It reminds me that at the end of the day, everybody is like a big family at school. It remains so important to me to take plenty of pictures because in the future I know I’ll still be looking back and reminiscing on what people call the best 4 years of my life!”

Reaching the last quarter here in Charter, seniors have especially felt the deep meaning behind the pictures they have gathered this last year. Pictures from their last football games, homecoming, and pep rallies, have all ended in the present moment. However, they have become engraved in the tiny screen of their cameras.

“Remembering all of my four years gets hazy sometimes and going back to see how I evolved every year is always bittersweet, especially now as I’m out the door. Every picture shows my progress with myself, my style, my friends, and my overall experience in Charter,” shares Juliette. 

Digital cameras have spiked back as a nostalgic and sentimental way of taking a memory and saving it to look back at in the future. Although phone cameras are always on hand, PPCHS students have acknowledged the beauty that is achieved with this type of photography and the main motive of capturing special moments through these lenses.

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