School Spirit Takes Over the Field

Marissa Levinson, Staff Writer

  Roaring excitement. Heart beats thumping. The bleachers at Pines Charter steadily fill up with thrilled students making their way to catch sight of an unforgettable event. The moonlit sky beamed over the swarm of chattering high schoolers at the Spring Pep rally, as teams and club members huddled tightly behind the scenes, eager to make a run for it across the field.

  A school event like a pep rally doesn’t just magically set itself up, rather it takes months of dedication and organization to come together to put harmonious smiles on the faces of Charter’s diligent students. Emily Esquivel, PPCHS senior and Vice President of the Student Government,  praises their committee head, claiming “most of the work has been done” by fellow senior Andrea Planas. The passionate helper did everything from “making banners to contacting performers.” Both Emily and Andrea recount the memories they’ve made during “the last pep rally of [their] high school years” and having the opportunity like no other to “be a part of the planning process.” 

  It’s clear to say their hard work paid off with no two pep rallies being alike at PPCHS. Music booming throughout, the presence of the school’s most cherished clubs and reputable sports teams bring their own unique charm of this joyous event to the table. The audience awaits the first act of the night, glaring white stage lights illuminate the center of the field, gathering everyone’s eyes towards Marko Barrera and Jorge Muños who hosted the event. 

  Serenading the risen crowd with an angelic performance of the National Anthem, the Chorus Club takes the stage by the side of the school’s band as well as the translating ASL team. And with that, the pep rally was off to a captivating start. Alongside their teammates who share a sense of comradery, one by one the sports teams of Pines Charter burst through their banners, scurrying across the greenery, friends cheering off in the distance.

  Incomparable performances followed, from the Fashion Club with outfits highlighting the latest trends, to the Dance Team delivering a jaw dropping routine. The Rubber Hearts band performed original music, tossing guitar picks into the audience as the crowd’s roar amplified, chanting for a third song. Sophomore Andrea Porras recalls how it “looked like the dancers put a lot of effort” into their performance as well as expressing her appreciation for the “fashion shows they do because they are creative.” The Bollywood dance team made their anticipated schoolwide debut, and “working together as a team” is why sophomore dancer Liana Putheth is so fond of participating. As one of the many students admiring from the bleachers, Porras was elated to watch as they danced in vivid blue twirling skirts and loved how “it represented a different culture,” bringing a diverse set of acts to the event. Performances from the cheerleaders, Step Team, and Latin Dance Team kept all eyes on the field. The pep rally also gave students a taste of competition with a tug of war match, as the track and soccer team went head to head, resulting in a win for track. A hula hoop contest and a race across the field also occurred, with one person representing a different sport. 

  Within the four years spent at PPCHS, students make the most out of their high school years by observing others shining in their elements. By the time the clock struck 7:20 p.m., the March 11th Spring Pep Rally came to a close — memories were made to last a lifetime.