Galentine’s the New Valentine’s?


Graphic by Mia White

Morgan Lind, Managing Editor

   Valentine’s Day is a beloved holiday amongst couples, and is greatly celebrated every year to cherish loved ones and show your support and love for them. However, in light of recent events, Galentine’s Day has been an idea that celebrates people who are single and by allowing them to feel loved alongside their friends on this day of relationships.

   This idea has brought more and more people into the celebration of Valentine’s Day, and friends can use Galentine’s Day for their own personal celebrations. Senior Hansini Koppolu celebrated with her friends during this day, and stated, “We went out to eat and headed back to our friend’s house to spend time with each other. It allowed us to spend time with one another and really appreciate each other.” Moreover, Valentine’s Day is normally celebrated for couples and their appreciation for their loved ones. 

   The difference between the two celebrations are the meanings behind them. Valentine’s is normally for couples and their love throughout their relationships, while Galentine’s is a way for friends and close relatives to celebrate their friendships and their love towards each other in their friendships. 

   The different “holidays” are similar but the meanings are very different for a reason. Ashley Feng, a senior at Charter, also celebrated Galentine’s Day with Hansini Koppolu, and many of her friends where they celebrated their friend group(s) and themselves. Ashley stated, “We celebrated Galentine’s by going out to dinner and spending time with each other. It was a really great way for us to enjoy ourselves and have a fun time with our friends.” Galentine’s Day is a fun and enjoyable way for people not in relationships to celebrate themselves and their friends while also feeling the love.