The Upcoming Fall Festivities


Donated by Samantha Villafine

Kara Warren, Staff Writer

   As you take your first few steps onto the school campus, a heavy breeze blows your hair back and creates a thick layer of goosebumps along the entirety of your arms. Although the trees aren’t changing colors or shedding their leaves, the warm scent of pumpkin spice fills the air and creates a shift in everyone’s mood. With shorter days, darker skies quickly replace what was once light blue and soon enough, it’s time for Halloween: a time where anyone can be whomever they’d like! Except this year, it’s a little different– for both student-run clubs and national organizations.

   In preparation for fall, several clubs and organizations are hosting events and fundraisers to boost student morale. From organizing spooky baskets to hosting pumpkin painting parties and preparing fall-themed recipes, the days leading up to the 31st of October are filled with jumpscares around every corner and sacks of candy. And although several students are agitated that they’ve missed out on so many activities last year, a variety of clubs are holding more interactive events in hopes of retrieving what many of us have lost through remote learning– school spirit!

   In particular, the PPCHS National Honor Society is introducing a candy drive to donate sweets to individuals living in a children’s home. In this way, the organization is taking advantage of the Halloween spirit to support those who are less fortunate, while encouraging participation from its members by granting them service hours.

   The current president of NHS, Tyler Berman, is hoping this gives the organization’s members some exposure and inspiration that will encourage them give back to their community more often: “I feel that the members of National Honor Society will get the satisfaction of knowing they haloed those in need for such a low cost to them. This drive really represents the core value of service in the NHS. Serving the less fortunate in our community truly represents that.”

   Not only that, but the National Art Honor Society also held an event that combines everyone’s favorite Halloween activity with a talent each of their members possess– pumpkin painting! NAHS’s president, Samantha Villafane, worked with the rest of her board members to brainstorm ideas that would be able to unify their members, while remaining to be able to practice their skills. “We each felt like Charter was missing a Halloween activity and some school spirit. We wanted to encourage everyone to take some time to sit down and paint with their friends and just enjoy the process of art. We had pre-selected templates for them to paint (either charter themed or Wizard of Oz themed) because we’ll be putting them on display on campus to kick off spirit week! We’re hoping that students were able to enjoy an afternoon of being artistic with their friends and possibly get inspired to be a little more artistic on their own time.”

   However, other clubs began their fall fundraisers as soon as possible. PPCHS’s Chorus Club was able to sell and distribute Boo Grams to students as early as September 27. They decided early that it was necessary to gather additional support for the club. Meaning, they would have to begin their fundraising efforts before any other clubs could. Boo Grams had been sold in the early weeks of October and raised sufficient funds to boost student morale, as well as publicize the Chorus Club altogether.

   As the Halloween spirit arrives on our campus, a variety of school groups will be holding activities to allow students to unwind and relax. It’s important to remember that school shouldn’t just be a stressful place to worry about tests and heavy workloads. Especially in the midst of everything going on, we each deserve a break, so make sure to enjoy yourself and participate as much as possible!