Charter’s Take on the Bell Schedule


Daniel Morrison, Staff Writer

   The alternating blocks from our Zoom days have transitioned to this school year’s in-person instruction; students switch between odd and even days daily. Do the Jags enjoy this year’s bell schedule of 105 minutes a class, or the school’s previous combination of some 1-6 and some block?

   “A normal 1-6 period schedule is better because it’s less draining for students. Since there’s only one hour per period, we aren’t overwhelmed with work. Right now, some teachers give 10 minute breaks between the 105 minutes and those 10 minutes go by very quickly. More movement would be good for the sanity of the students. Although block schedule is mainly incorporated for Covid related reasons, I think that a mixture of block and normal  is good.” -Freshman Asher Wheatle

   “I like block schedule because although we spend more time in each class, there’s less work. I also have to walk around less.” -Freshman Lucas Ortega

“I like the current bell schedule because we get more time to do homework, but I hate that we have to sit in class for what feels like two hours. It’s also really easy to lose focus.” -Sophomore Nicolas Diaz

   “Right now, we have an extra day in between each class to do the work and longer instruction time, but I forget what was taught last class. When there were more 1-6 days, I didn’t miss out on any lessons if a day of school was missed. But I did feel classes were rushed and information was missed. Between the pros and cons, I currently prefer this year’s bell schedule.” -Sophomore Dominique Balli 

     “I think having all block scheduling allows teachers to focus on their lessons without being rushed. It also sections the classes for students to prepare for specific periods each day. However, block scheduling actually slows the curriculum down, and for many students, staying in one class for such a long time tires them out mentally.”  -Junior Trinity Tang

   “I think block days were important to have twice a week because some days there is a lot of work or lots of material to cover, and block days allow us to do it. But teachers have to follow a plan and go at a certain pace, so there is always about 40 minutes in class after the work is done that we just do nothing in. Instead of feeling like we are going there to learn it’s more like we are being held there because we have to. Also, after the first hour , I just get burnt out and bored. The teachers realize it as well. They’ll let us get up and talk for like 10 minutes before continuing the lessons. The hour long classes were just enough and walking through the school between them gave me energy for the next class. I hope the school will go back to the old schedule.” -Senior Sergio Marrero

   “I prefer 1-6 because we have less time for our classes. Also, we are able to think about each chapter more because teachers pay special attention to one lesson at a time, rather than multiple each block.” -Senior Matthew Pacis