SGA Elections: How Current Officers are Feeling


SGA elections are currently coming up and with each position comes a great deal of responsibility. The competition for these positions is intense, and the current officers have to come to the reality that their term is coming to an end. While the end may be near, some officers remain hopeful that they’ll be reelected. Here are some officers’ opinions.

Junior Alis Henry

“I find it crazy that my term this year is already coming to an end because it feels like just yesterday that I was campaigning for junior senator. This year was my first year as an officer and as part of SGA but I’ve had a different experience than normal as it was all online. I’m very excited about this year’s election because I love seeing new faces and it is possible that we might be able to go back and have a little bit of normalcy while we see each other in school!”

Junior Alexis Galleta

“I’m so sad about my current term as Recording Secretary quickly coming to an end. This year has taught me so many lessons about being a student leader and it has given me the best memories that no other club or organization could give. Although the election is not finished I’ve been feeling really confident! No matter the end result, I believe all of the candidates can take away the fact that having the opportunity to run has been a great experience!!!”

It appears that the future is bright for PPCHS SGA elections and that these two had a wonderful experience. Stay tuned to find out the results!