Quarantine Can’t Cancel these Clubs!

Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

   There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has stopped the world in its tracks. Before this pandemic, our school was bustling with thousands of students studying, hanging out with friends, and taking part in many extracurriculars. Due to our new virtual norm, many of those activities seemed impossible. However, some clubs and honor societies have battled through the hardships and continued on. Here’s a list of all the clubs and honor societies that are happening now!


  • The Tri-M Music Honor Society allows students to form connections through music and allows them to express themselves in a creative environment. They are hosting a general meeting over Zoom on September 23rd at 2:45. All grade levels are welcome and the application process will be discussed during the meeting! 
  • Girl Power is all about feminism and everything a woman stands for, and the general meeting was hosted through Zoom on September 16. The club is open all year to anyone who wishes to join.
  • Big Brother Big Sister is an organization that gives the opportunity to mentor little kids and guide them through their young lives. After participating for 2 years, students can receive a cord at graduation. Although applications are closed, they are still encouraging students to apply next year. 
  • The National English Honor Society values honor, integrity, and stands against plagiarism. The application deadlines are closed and the first general meeting was Wednesday, September 16th. Only students in 10-12th grade were allowed to apply.
  • Rho Kappa welcomes students who enjoy learning about the past, and have excelled in the subject of social studies. Applications are still available and are due September 24th. Open to grades 10 and above, students who apply and show commitment will receive a cord at graduation. 
  • Key Club is for students who want to make a difference in their environments and help the world become a cleaner place. The first general meeting was on September 9th, but there is still a possibility of being able to join upon school reopening.
  • Student Government Association represents the leaders of tomorrow and for those who wish to aid in the organization of school events. SGA is an elective class during 4th period, and students can choose to apply at the end of year on their course selection cards. The application process is managed by the newly elected President, Vice President, and the SGA sponsor, Mr. Curry, and involves an extensive process, including interviews, videos and short responses. 
  • Spanish Honor Society is for students who wish to embrace the Hispanic culture. They hold applications at the beginning of every year for all grades. Although applications are no longer being taken under consideration, students are still encouraged to join next year.


   These are all the honor societies and clubs that have been active during this pandemic and are motivating students to join. Participating in extracurriculars not only provide an edge to college resumes, but they also allow for students to build essential social skills. Skills that simply cannot be taught in a simple classroom, leading members into the bright futures of tomorrow.