Teachers of the Year: Ms. Ramirez & Felix

Savannah Searcy, Social Media Editor

   The teachers and staff of PPCHS put in so much hard work each year they spend on campus, both in person and online, as everyone has witnessed over the past year.

   This year, the title of “Teacher of the Year” has been given to Biology, Genetics, and Zoology teacher Ms. Ramirez, and Security Guard Felix Rodriguez.

   Ms. Ramirez expresses that it was a complete surprise to her to win the title of “Teacher of the Year,” and that it “put a huge smile on [her] face.” She was completely and utterly shocked and humbled.

   This is Ms. Ramirez’s 21st year of teaching. She has been working at Charter for 15 years now, making PPCHS the school that Ms. Ramirez has taught at for the longest. 

   “I had been nominated several times in the past, and I know how difficult it is to be selected since the votes are spread out among so many other great teachers. I was humbled because that meant that the majority of my colleagues selected me among many other wonderful teachers to represent the hard-work and extreme sacrifices most of us make,” Ms. Ramirez says. “Winning still feels a bit surreal.”

   Felix, the security guard loved by many, says that he was extremely surprised when he found out that he also won the title of “Teacher of the Year.”

   Felix has been with PPCHS for six years, and mostly talks with the students here about their behavior.

   “I had no idea I was going to win,” says Felix. “It was a surprise!”

   Felix also says that winning “Teacher of the Year” makes him want to be better at what he does.

   “People think I have a mean face and look serious, but I’m not like that,” Felix says.

   Having a good relationship with the students and being able to gain their trust helps to build Felix’s image.

   Overall, both Ms. Ramirez and Felix are happy to have been nominated by their coworkers for this incredible title.

   Congratulations to Ms. Ramirez and Felix, and to more successful years on campus for the both of them!