Preparing for New Heights: Jags Basketball


Photo by Jeinily Bencon

Lucas Giron, Social Media Editor

   As reigning state champs in Florida’s 6A class, the Pines Charter Boys Basketball team has once again started their much awaited season in style. With three new additions from the class of 2023, the team has received much news and attention regarding how good they’re going to be this year. Ranked 6th in the most recent High School Florida rankings and having just won a state title, this squad seems to be the team to beat in their class. 

   This buzz over the team seems to transfer to the games. One of the attendees at the game against South Broward, Joshua Blackwood, stated: “The atmosphere at the game was so electric. Every time we scored or got a block everyone in the stands went crazy. There were so many people that attended and the bleachers were full of students and parents. The atmosphere just makes you want to come to all of the basketball games. It’s amazing”. 

   Having won their first 4 games against Monarch, South Broward, Boyd Anderson, and Westminster Academy, the team has shown their dominance as they have won all their games with an average difference of 28 points. Seniors, Kolby King and Geoff Sprouse, lead the team in points with 13.3 points per game.  

   With an undefeated start to their season, starting senior on the team, Elijah Wyche, has very clear expectations for the team this year stating: “ Even before the strong start we have had this season, my team goal was to bring home another state championship, and I feel like that’s what I am playing for everytime I step on the court”. 

   The team has 2 more games before they go to the prestigious Nike Iolani Prep Classic in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a selected tournament where 14 teams come to compete to win the tournament title. One of the teams selected is Sierra Canyon which has a star-studded lineup including Lebron James Jr or most well known as Bronny James. The Jags have a chance to face the number 5th team in the nation if both teams win their respective games. Nonetheless, Pines Charter start their tournament on Saturday, December 18th against Kailua high school. Senior, Geoff Sprouse, expressed the feeling of being selected for this tournament: “It feels great to finally get recognition from people not only in the state of Florida but other parts of the country as well. It will be an amazing experience travelling to Hawaii and playing other competitive teams. This can put our school on the map even more”. 

   As the basketball team is making moves in Florida and outside of Florida, the Jags have represented Pines Charter in a very positive way and are impressing everyone they play. With their first tournament outside the state of Florida, the team hope to pave the way and make a name for themselves on the national level.