Inside the Life of Golf Star: Eric Nguyen


Photo by Hailey Tesser

Kimani Dodd, Opinions Editor

   Rising sophomore and golf star Eric Nguyen born on December 31, 2006 comes from a family of four. As a child, he enjoyed playing with toys and playing video games, and traveling. His favorite childhood memories include him traveling to different places such as Chicago, Charleston and Paris.

   When Eric was 4 years old, he began playing golf, which would ultimately become his true passion. Eric’s skills have only continued to grow throughout the years. In fact, when he was 10 years old, he received the player of the year for the South Florida PGA Prep Tour. At the age of 12, Eric received another award: Player of the Year for the SFPGA Challenge Tour. Eric expressed, “These are some of my biggest accomplishments.”

  While it may appear that golf is filled with highs, it also has its challenging moments. In July 2020, Eric was beginning to grow sick of golf and wanted to quit. Despite this, Eric persevered through it and it paid off, especially since he recently became a state qualifier. Eric says, “The most important thing golf has taught me is to be patient and to trust the process.” While golf can be mentally draining at times, Eric always remembers that he is working towards a bigger goal which is to ultimately be the best golfer he could possibly be.