Romina Torchia’s Goodbye to South Florida, and Hello to Gainesville


Nicole Llanes, Culture Editor

    The transition from high school to college is a big milestone for many young adults. A big question during this transition is life on campus or staying at home? Senior, and soon to be University of Florida student, Romina Torchia has decided to move away from home for college and live on the Univeristy of Florida campus. In explaining this decision she stated, “I am excited to stay on campus and become more independent.” Her first year she plans on living in a dorm. Living on her own for her first time she feels prepared and is most excited to get to decorate her dorm room.

Despite having to live on her own, she has been given some helpful tips for a smooth transition. She believes the biggest tips are “being organized and productive”. Romina knows life will change but finds comfort in the bigger picture, “I’ll get to make more decisions for myself and do things when it is convenient for me and my schedule. I am sad that I will leave my family and my dogs, but I am really looking forward to a more independent lifestyle.” Her move away from home won’t be temporary as she plans on getting an apartment during her 2nd or 3rd year, and hopefully attending medical school after college. Romina will continue to come back down to South Florida to visit her friends and family, but for her, her future is in Gainesville.