Quoteboard: Censorship on Social Media


     On January 8, Twitter proceeded in one of its most controversial actions yet, and banned one of their highest profile accounts — former President Donald Trump’s. Trump’s social media deplatforming, as well as the suspension of thousands of accounts dedicated to conservative extremism, re-kindled a deep-rooted debate on whether censorship infringes on free speech, and just how much power Big Tech companies hold over political figures. 

 Question:  Do you think censorship infringes on free speech? What should the boundaries of censorship be written upon?

   “I think censorship is good to an extent, but it goes too far at times. The standards of censorship are way too broad. I think that these social media platforms need to take a step back and reassess these guidelines.” -Matthew Mardis, Freshman


   “I agree that people should be allowed to say what they want, because that is one of the ideals that this country fought for, but no one is safe from the consequences of their words. I understand having a different viewpoint as others, and wanting to share your opinion online, but most accounts that get suspended often bring down individuals or whole groups of people in terrible ways. Social media platforms have guidelines in place for a reason, and it’s to keep people safe and to prevent blatant hate, so when these controversial, hateful accounts exist for the sole purpose of bringing people down, of course they are going to be terminated. There are ways to express opinions without being hateful, and as long as people can stick to that, we can be free to share our opinions.” -Leanne Sorensen, Freshman


   “Internet censorship has caused a big division in opinions. Personally, I believe that social media carries the perfect amount of censorship when deciding what can or cannot be seen. It stops certain creators from spreading misinformation that can brainwash their viewers. With social media evolving, many companies will continue to silence masses as seen over the previous years.” -Hana Bushra, Freshman


   “I feel like certain accounts should be banned or censored when they’re actively posting threats and fake news, like people who post about conservative extremism such as Trump.” -Emily Somberg, Sophomore


   “I believe if the suspended accounts were continuously violating the terms of service in any sort of way, then yes, it was the right thing to suspend their accounts, no matter whose political account it comes from. If people are treating politics in a non-respectful matter, then suspensions will be given reflecting their actions.” -Alina Baajour, Sophomore


   “Technically, suspending these extreme accounts infringe on their rights. However, terms of service on social media primarily exist so users are aware of what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. Spewing any information that causes harm or is offensive to others is unacceptable for many social media platforms. Twitter is a very liberal app, while former President Trump is very conservative, so it makes sense for many to believe that personal opinions lead towards infringement. However, depending on what the account is specifically used for, this is [usually]  not the case.” -Alyssa Chin, Junior