Bridging Reality with a Few Words


“The swan felt dizzy and fell from the sky into a pond. The chicken came running towards the swan. The swan saw the chicken and immediately flew up to the sky.”

    Sumedha Marri is a senior who has transformed herself beyond who she was in her younger years. From her filming and editing skills to her passion for reading, Sumedha has herself immersed in a number of categories. But what exactly led her to literature when she is captivated by the world of film?

     This triumphant yet unexpected journey began with a Jupiter notification from NEHS sponsor Ms. Phelps announcing that a literacy competition was open to all students interested. At first, Sumedha was creating a short film inspired by her, but when she started formulating her storyline with a mythology theme, she knew a fable would best suit her message better. 

     With Sumedha being the swan, the main character in her piece, she revealed the scars of her childhood. “It’s not proud of its appearance,” Sumedha says. “So, it follows the butterflies [(the popular crowd)] without understanding that the chicken [(her inviting classmate)] is her saving grace]…”

     Her fable “The Swan, the Chicken, and the Butterflies” is a testament to her first grade experience. At the time, she didn’t know how to handle a classmate trying to be her friend, so she compromised with herself and started hanging around the ‘popular’ crowd. What back fired for her is that she “stuck out,” so she could never feel a part of their crew. 

     In the logistics behind her story, she describes her masterpiece to have a peaceful, calming tone emphasizing the innocence of her youth. With her outlook shifting from her first attempt back in November, her intentions of having fun went beyond her expectations and into a winning reality.