New Year, New Lifestyle


Donated by Natalia Matovelle


   Every year more and more people decide to make decisions and changes to improve themselves during the new year. Natalia Matovelle, a junior at Charter and newly avid vegan enthusiast, first started her journey to a more plant based diet not that long ago. 

  When she made the decision to fix her relationship with food and become more focused on nourishing her health, the switch to veganism was calling her name. “Surprisingly, the transition from a meat to plant-based diet was easy given that I was inspired to change myself and the planet for the better,” Natalia states. 

  The significant differences in a plant-based diet rather than a meat-based diet is something that people assume is significantly difficult; however Natalia adjusted quite well when first starting out eating more plant-based meals. 

  Natalia suggests “implementing just a few more plant-based meals into your diet and lowering consumption of animal products [can] significantly lower your carbon footprint and risk of heart disease,” which is something that is a drastic pro in the decision to make the choice in moving into a more plant-based lifestyle.

  The new year is all about making changes to better yourself and others and with the idea of slowly integrating into a more plant based lifestyle, you’re able to fuel and nourish your body with its needs, and help get yourself into the right mindset, while having an attitude that lets you see things in a different and brighter perspective. 

  Veganism might not be for everyone, however it wouldn’t hurt to integrate more plant-based foods and meals naturally into your diet, which could help lead to a healthier you, and a healthier environment.