Alyssa Gruber


      “Leaving Sheridan and having my break and going to my fourth period and seeing Nicole…every day.” Alyssa Courtney Gruber. Jamaican/Cuban. Going to BC. Sagittarius, and she’s proud to be one. She’s actually pretty headstrong and can be the most loyal (yet sometimes jealous and territorial) friend. She encompasses this vibrant fun-loving energy as well, promoting positive vibes and love to everyone else. Although, as supportive as she is of others, Alyssa still does call out for those “close-minded, lazy” people to keep trying and get their “stuff” together. She’s a strong advocate for taking initiative, especially as she’s always been surrounded by other independent women in her life. And she mostly looks up to her independent cousin in this way, as her cousin is someone who’s “grinded” so hard through any messed up situations. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Alyssa goes by the phrase that “everything is temporary” as she aims to keep hustling and moving on a step higher from negative situations. Her end goal, after all, is to eventually become a PA. She’s known this since she’s been volunteering at Memorial West Hospital since the 9th grade. And so one day, she’ll be working in the medical field in NYC and living in a modern and “boujee ass” studio apartment (but traveling when she can). She’ll be open-minded toward the prospect of marriage (& maybe even kids), though she doesn’t prefer the “settling down” idea and believes that true love is something that comes and goes as it’s not valued in our generation. Anyone who’d possibly have her hand would have to definitely prove themselves solid through active dedication. But otherwise, for now, Alyssa’s really just working on her self-confidence and her patience with people, and she’s continuing to enjoy painting anything that comes to her mind. Charter support team: Nicole F., Willyna G. Favorite movies: Goodfellas & The Players Club. Favorite artist: Lauryn Hill (love the song “To Zion”). Advice for charter underclassmen: “Don’t trust everybody you make friends with. And live life to the fullest.”

  • By: Jena Manning