Trimming, Altering, and Dyeing: The Fun Behind Quarantine Hairstyles


Briana Butler, Lifestyle Editor

  Being stuck in quarantine for so long has influenced people in numerous ways, from developing new hobbies to making drastic changes to their appearance. People have been especially into altering their hairstyles, ranging from trimming split ends off to giving yourself bangs to even dyeing everything an unnatural color. With impulse influencing most of these decisions and the lack of a professional present, the result may range from disastrous to a pleasant surprise.

  Psychologically, this is a natural response to the current pandemic. The coronavirus is uncontrollable and unchangeable, and cases have continued to rise despite anyone’s wishes for it to end. However, unlike the virus, your appearance can be controlled and altered. People are attempting to gain a sense of control to prevent feelings of helplessness during the current situation. The urge to do so is only heightened with social distancing being practiced. The likelihood of going back to school anytime soon is extremely slim, meaning the risk factor is low. Many people will be able to go back to their old style if they did not enjoy the product with no one else having to know. With no fear of judgement by peers, people are more likely to give into impulse and take out the scissors or box dye. 

  Senior Alisa Chavez is one of the many who decided to obtain a new hairstyle. She chose to cut her hair short, and is content with the product. “I’ve always wanted to cut my hair,” she explains. “I’ve just been hesitant because of how thick it is and I was pretty unsure whether it would look good or not.” She ended up loving short hair, and has no regrets over the decision. The main influence was the fact no one was really going to see it if the haircut went wrong. Alisa plans to grow her hair longer as time goes on, but she will continue to enjoy short hair while it lasts. 

  Overall, this is one of the best times to take a risk and do something with your appearance that you may have always wanted to try. It presents the perfect opportunity with little repercussions if things do not go as planned.