Winter Fest Rings in the Holiday Season

Isabella Cely-Garcia, Staff Writer

   Christmas hats and headbands dot the crowd of students swarming towards the cafeteria doors after school. Waiting in line impatiently, many crane their necks to get a glimpse of what’s waiting for them inside. Gingerbread houses crown each table, with tinsel streamers and decorations lining the walls. The sounds of Christmas classics spill out into the breezeway every time the door is opened, and the smell of hot chocolate offers students a comforting invitation to the event. The Class of ‘24 Student Council seems to have created the winter wonderland they had promised.

   This past Tuesday, December 6th, the Junior class student council held their holiday event, Winter Fest. The event called students to come participate in traditional Christmas fun, for a fee of five dollars. The council provided a number of activities to partake in, and some were definitely a big hit among the students. Junior Coralie Richardson enthusiastically recalled, “I love musical chairs so it was fun to do that with everybody, and win by the way!” For others, other activities made the event a success in their eyes. For junior Orion Taleon, it was the refreshments: “The hot cocoa had to be the best part of Winter Fest for me!” Some students found that the memories made Tuesday after school were enough to remember the event fondly. “The most memorable moment was definitely when Coralie stole the seat from Janessa in musical chairs”, Junior Class President Anaya Andre said. She laughed while remembering the fun she had with her friends that day, even as she was tasked with organizing and executing the event. 

   “Preparing for the event was actually really fun, but it still was very stressful and the hardest part was figuring out how to make the hot chocolate. But everyone loved it, and we had whipped cream and toppings, so that worked out really well. I was also scared for set up, but when everyone got here it was really easy. It wasn’t an easy project but we worked hard to make it blend together,” Anaya expresses.

   However, Anaya wasn’t the only one with doubts. A few students weren’t sure how the turnout would be for the event. “Honestly I was skeptical about going, because I thought no one was gonna go, but then I went and it was actually so much fun,” Coralie continues. “More people should have come. People were doubting it thinking it would be boring, but I had a great time.” However, all the students who attended agree that the event was a success regardless. “It wasn’t an easy project but we worked hard to make it blend together,” Anaya assures. 

   As the holiday season approaches and students countdown to Winter Break, Winter Fest will be one of the many memorable events held before the year ends. Many students believed the event should be brought back next year, possibly becoming an annual tradition here at Pembroke Pines Charter High School.