Recap: Florida’s Gubernatorial Race and Divided Opinions

Anaum Hussain, Staff Writer

     Republican Ron DeSantis vs Democrat Charlie Crist. Bitter rivals for the coveted governor seat. But just what do these two candidates stand for? 

     Charlie Crist, a former Republican turned Democrat in 2012, runs to re-earn his previous title as governor, now with a changed mindset. Crist is clearly fitting into his Democratic role well, being pro-choice, pro-green energy, and wishing to make it incredibly simple to vote in future elections through automatic voter registration. He is also heavily pro-gun safety laws, even earning the backing of “Everytown For Gun Safety,” which claims to be 10 million members strong. 

     Crist is up against Republican incumbent governor Ron DeSantis, who, to many people’s surprise, won the 2018 election. Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he’s changed Florida for better or for worse. He couldn’t be more opposite Charlie Crist, as he advocates for “family values” by being pro-life and has banned abortion past 15 weeks in Florida. DeSantis is a proponent of scrutinizing elections to the last detail as well, making it harder to register to vote. He’s also opposed to gun-safety laws and promotes loosening the current Floridian gun safety laws. 

   I’m unfortunately about two months from turning 18, but if I could vote? Charlie Crist, no contest. Governor DeSantis doesn’t stand for a single one of my values. I’m a heavily liberal teenage Democrat who is pro-choice, pro-green energy, and pro-gun safety reform, which equate to Charlie Crist’s values. But whatever your opinion is, if you’re eligible, vote. It’s the foundation of our democracy, after all.