[GALLERY] Spirit Week: Day 3 – Heroes & Villains


   As temperatures dip into the mid 60’s this Wednesday—only further confirmation that fall is settling in for good—our school finds itself overrun by the forces of good and evil. The chilling cold and unsettling overcast sky seem fitting for the supervillian likes of Maleficent and the Joker. Capes and masks of all shapes, sizes and colors dot the crowds of students as they clamor together to take pictures; superheroes like Batman and Wonder Woman pose with their sworn enemies…


Senior Meakayla Ambroise – “I expected to see a lot more capes, you know [it’s] very hero-ish. But I see a lot of unusual villain types, like a minion—he’s still a villain, but he only works for villains, so is he really the villain? My costume is Wanda from Wanda Vision. I did it because she’s iconic. She’s literally a great superhero. I knew a few people were gonna do her because of the popularity of the show, but she’s everything. Her husband died, she’s magical, why not you know? The day is going great since it also happens to be my birthday!” 


Senior Chanell Thomas – “I was expecting today to be fun and for everyone to go all out. I was Bubbles from the powerpuff girls and some people did recognize me, but when I added the bow later in the day, people got it more . Today was very fun, everyone looked so cool!”


Junior Camila Correa – “My expectations for today were pretty high, especially considering that this is one of the easier themes. It was the theme I was looking forward to the most actually! And I can proudly say that they were met because I saw so many great and creative costumes. My outfit was from mean girls! I was Regina George in the locker room scene after Cady and Jannis pranked her by cutting her shirt. So many people recognized me as Regina and they really liked my costume, I made lots of people laugh with it! Hero and villains was definitely a success in my books! From an individual perspective, lots of people recognized my costume and liked it, and the reactions of the people who didn’t recognize me were so funny. From an SGA standpoint, seeing so many people participate made me feel so happy and proud of not only the student body but also of the committee who planned our spirit week themes!” 


Sophomore Noah Escobar -“I figured a lot of people would be dressed up more as villains than superheroes. I see some people dressed up as Minions and stuff, which is a surprise. The villain I’m dressed up as is the Joker’s henchmen from the train station scene in the latest movie. Everyone started wearing them [the masks] as a sort of strike, for like Justice and stuff. The day’s been good!”


Freshman Mackenzie Rockefeller -“I thought today would be fun and that people would dress up and stuff. Not that many people are dressing up though. I decided to be a Teletubbie because my siblings were going to do it with me, but they decided not to. So it was originally gonna be a group thing. Today has been good, a lot of people have said they liked my costume.”