Terrific Thursdays and Fun Fridays

Alexia Rivera, Staff Writer


Everyone looks forward to the weekend, especially after a long week of school and hard work. The end of the week always deserves a celebration! During the first few weeks, Pines Charter kicked off the school year with performances by our Drumline, Cheer, Latin Dance Team, Dance Team and Bollywood. 

    Both Drumline and Cheer performed on the first Friday of school, August 19th. For many students, leaving campus felt like a dramatic exit that only main characters get to experience in movies. After completing the first week of school after a long summer, that feeling is certainly rewarding for many teens attending PPCHS.

   The Latin Dance Team performed the second week of school on Thursday, August 25th. Blowing everyone away with their amazing moves, Latin Dance Team members were sure to end everyone’s week on a positive note. Senior and Latin Dance Team captain Jorge Muñoz describes his performing experience as “refreshing”. “I love seeing the expressions in the audience, especially those who have never seen something like it before. Being able to show people something new and something they can make their passion is what we strive for in Latin Dance,” he voices. Because of Fun Fridays, PPCHS performers have an opportunity to present their skills to an audience. Not only are they able to showcase their talent, but they have the opportunity to impact a student’s day by making them feel celebrated for their hard work.

   Week three, Drumline performed once again on Friday, September 2nd. The booming and banging of the drums echoing through the breezeway was captivating. Watching in awe, students crowded around the performers and cheered them on. 

  On the second to last week, Cheer presented an impressive routine for all the highschoolers and wowed the crowd with their technique and excellent moves on Thursday, September 8th. Friday, September 9th, Dance Team gave it their all on the River of Grass steps. Sophomore and Dance Team member Bryana Capellan expresses that “performing for Fun Friday was a mixed experience. Aside from being nervous to perform for the whole school, it was fun and exciting.”

   To wrap up our Terrific Thursdays and Fun Fridays, Bollywood was able to share and showcase their culture through a unique dance routine, concluding PPCHS’ Terrific Thursdays and Fun Fridays with a bang, on September 16th. 

   All of this talent wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the school’s superstars. In addition, Terrific Thursdays and Fun Fridays also wouldn’t be possible without SGA. This event was an outstanding way to highlight the talent of many Jags, and to bring students together to celebrate and be proud of themselves.