Andrew Tate Behind Bars?

Olivia Ramos, Staff Writer

     Andrew Tate, the man behind the “Alpha Male” conversations and empowerment of men through the new approach of deteriorating and belittling the feminist movement. The controversial social media personality has been under fire recently due to sex trafficking and rape allegations during his time in Romania and Europe as a whole. With clips and recordings of him saying despicable things about the women he has slept with and been in relations with, the Romanian police were quick to arrest him. A photo of Andrew and his brother Tristan with a specific pizza box on his Splat with Thunberg resurfaced, indicating his location. The man that every “Alpha” male idolizes is now demonstrating to society what happens when people allow a person to go too high up their podium, and I believe that Andrew Tate deserves the consequences he is receiving for the alleged crimes he has committed against women.

    It’s no secret that most women don’t like Andrew Tate; maybe it’s because of the “realistic” and “straightforward” talks about his views on feminism or even how he believes that women essentially belong to men that they date. He has advocated for violence towards women for years, stating it is due to infidelity and the “will of God.” The man who has made many sexist remarks created a lot of riot and division when it came to women and men, but in the eyes of many of these self-proclaimed Alpha males, he was a mentor or even a God. Even so, all of his talk led him down a path of jail time. His words for men became meaningless the moment the evidence of him not only raping many women, but also having a sex trafficking ring that exploited and violated girls aged 18 and up surfaced. He lured women in with promises of love and relationships, buying them a ticket to Romania, only to be picked up by accomplices working for the Tate brothers. 

     Now in 2023, many allegations against him are coming to light.  In 2013, a woman with the alias Amelia, accused Andrew of raping and violently assaulting her. After this incident, he proceeded to send her voice messages saying he loved raping her and “monsters are monsters. When you’re under my control, I do whatever I please.”  Tate was arrested on Dec.17, 2015 as a result of those allegations, as well as getting arrested earlier that same year over the same accusations of violence.  He has been committing these heinous crimes for years, and now the Romanian police have substantial and incriminating evidence to take him and even his brother Tristan Tate down. 

   After everything, nearly $4 million worth of Andrew Tate’s assets were confiscated due to the arrests and allegations. I believe in the saying, “You reap what you sow,” and Andrew Tate is the prime example of that expression. He is a man that has done indescribable things and blamed it on the fact that he was rich as well as the “differences” between women and men. Women are not property waiting to be used; they are humans. The supporters that still stand firm with the Tate brothers, especially Andrew, are the reason for his outbursts and overconfidence. A seed only grows with attention and care. Andrew Tate is not a role model one should have. He has infiltrated the minds of youth and scarred the women who were promised his “love.” Andrew Tate is behind bars for a reason, and that’s where he should remain.