Charter’s Clubs Make a Change with Holiday Toy Drives!

Brielle Gari, Staff Writer

   The holiday season has officially arrived, setting the atmosphere for all kinds of exchanges and special quality time with loved ones! Gift giving for students at Charter, is one of the ways to spread love and appreciation. After all, the feeling of seeing others happy is guaranteed to spread joy. This year, several Pines Charter clubs have stepped up to join the spirit of giving, including Key Club, Forza Club and SGA. Each of these organizations are hosting toy drives to help provide for less fortunate families this upcoming holiday season!

   However, this isn’t Key Club’s first, as this marks their 2nd toy drive of the year for children of all ages! The organization plans on gathering toys and gifts, to be donated specifically to people in need. The variety of gifts range in different age groups, including babies, toddlers, young children, and teenagers.  All of the collected materials will be sent to local churches and shelters after being processed. Key Club Secretary, Milagros Ortega says “The toy drive is extremely important to give underprivileged kids joy and a sense of importance on a holiday where happiness and unity is what matters most. I really think that this year’s toy drive is going to be really successful and we’ll get in a good amount of toys for children in need. My role specifically is spreading awareness and to help organize the way it’s run as well as organize the toys donated to us” 

   PPCHS’s Forza Stefano club is another one of the few hosting a toy drive this holiday season—starting now until December 22nd! Forza Stefano, intending to bring opportunities to help teens fighting with cancer, hopes to give teens and children in hospitals the opportunity to enjoy December with toys and games. During this time, donated items are promised to bring patients a distraction through the rough treatments they could be going through. Junior and Vice President of the club, Carolina Arguelles explained, “My specific role in the toy drive was the organization of the event and collection of all the toys. Once the drive ends, I will help donate all the toys to the hospital. Right now we are receiving a lot of dolls and monster trucks, but I hope to see more board games and stuffed animals for the people who get bored during their chemo treatments to easily be able to use.” Their main goal is to gather at least 4 boxes filled with toys to donate to hospitalized children. In previous years the toys go through the Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation, where it will eventually end up in a grateful child’s grasp. 

   Putting a smile on people ‘s faces, PPCHS clubs are giving to those in need. Making a big impact in our community during this holiday season.