Brandon Nahabetian: The Investment Machine

Paula Lillquist, NEWS EDITOR

  Turning 18 is a big milestone in any teen’s life. It comes with responsibilities and new privileges. For Pembroke Pines Charter senior Brandon Nahabetian, turning 18 came with starting investments in the stock market. 

  Buying stocks from a young age comes with a variety of benefits such as larger profit growth, more experience over the years, and a greater ability to build savings. Turning 18 initiated his first purchase of GME (GameStop) and TSLA (Tesla); his reasoning was that they “were a lot lower then and had a lot of potential to grow.” Brandon shares that he has been learning from his dad throughout the years, and his own mistakes have helped him grow into a smarter investor. 

  Daily, he checks his investments through a variety of apps and websites such as Robinhood and TD Ameritrade. While Robinhood is more user friendly, Ameritrade is great for displaying information. Both of these websites “offer a lot of info on where [data are] headed and specific patterns to look for.” 

 For all future investors, Brandon suggests being open to making mistakes as it is “a key part of learning for the long run.” He also advises to not buy on impulse. He states, “Just because you think it might go up doesn’t mean it always will, that’s too much of a gamble to play especially when it comes down to your own money.” 

  Risks are important to make profit, but as Brandon said, it is your own money, so you will have to pay the most for any losts. The stock market is a difficult thing to navigate, but for this budding Charter investor, it’s growing into a perfect match.