Lessons Kaavya Learned in AP Government

Trisha Villanueva, STAFF WRITER

  Election day is quickly approaching and students are learning more about how governments work. This year, senior Kaavya Polavarapu is taking Mr. Quigley’s AP Government class. 


   For an assignment assigned in the first quarter, Mr. Quigley asked his students to write a letter addressed to themselves to open in five years. Kaavya states, “I learned that I actually had a lot more in mind that I want to accomplish.” This assignment helped her organize her thoughts and what she wants to do later in her life.


   In her letter, Kaavya wrote down hopes she has for America by 2025. She hopes that by 2025, “we all learn to respect one another no matter our race, gender, sexuality, religion etc.” She also hopes that our country will be less polarized and that we learn to work together to focus on improving the climate and address injustice.


   For another assignment, Mr. Quigley asked his students to write their thoughts on the nomination acceptance speeches. Kaavya expresses, “I felt that both nomination speeches should have explained more about their policy in-depth into what they are going to do if elected president.” In her own opinion, Vice President Joe Biden’s speech was more eloquent and composed.


   So far in the school year, Kaavya learned the basics of economics such as types of market systems and types of businesses in the US. She also learned about supply and demand, which relates to the production of goods and services, and consumers buying those products. 


   For the lesson about supply and demand, Mr. Quigley used real-world examples to relate it to his students. He mentioned popular stores like Macy’s and Kmart.


   When asked what her favorite lesson from economics is, she says it was the time Mr. Quigley talked about 401ks and credit cards. “It is very useful to know especially because we are graduating and entering the real-world next year.”


   Kaavya says that they recently started the AP Government portion of the year, and she hopes to learn more about the Supreme Court cases, as they influenced a lot of the laws in effect today.