Seniors’ First Steps


Jessica Rodriguez

Seniors glorify Class of 2023 sponsor, Ms. Taylor, at the Senior Social. Charter seniors held their first senior-exclusive event of the year, enabling them to win free and discounted rewards from yearbooks to prom tickets.

Brielle Gari, Staff Writer

  Although the beginning of the school year is a new beginning for most, this year marks the beginning of the end for seniors. This year, Pines Charter seniors had their first social event, which took place on Friday, September 2. It was a new experience for our school—a way to see a mini preview of the upcoming year. It was a successful first for the graduating class, and an opportunity to learn and talk about their final year altogether.

   At the social, class sponsor Mrs. Taylor and student council Vice President Jorge Munoz were the main speakers. This social gave the class of ‘23 glimpses and sneak peeks to their final year, by voting for this year’s prom theme, playing games, and eating food. It was overall just an opportunity to hang around friends! “I loved the free food and I also liked that it gave us a heads up on all of the plans for the year, as I now feel more prepared. It allowed us to vote for a prom theme which I really enjoyed as it made my voice feel heard,” says senior Chloe Barnett. 

   The seniors were greeted by the drumline and a welcoming atmosphere in the cafeteria, as they entered the same place they’ve had lunch for the past 3 years. With raffles to win a free yearbook, and even a prom ticket, the senior social was brimming with excitement. One of the winners, senior Henry Guzman, expresses “I wasn’t really expecting much from senior social, but since my friends were there I had a lot of fun. The prom ticket was a huge surprise and was 100% worth it.”

   Although there wasn’t a plethora of decorations, it was simplistic yet fitting. The vibes were interactive, exciting, and collective. Abriana Marte expresses “ Honestly the whole thing feels surreal, like we all watch the high school movies and dream about being seniors, but now it’s like actually happening, it feels a little crazy.” This was a school event you didn’t want to miss!

   Another fun senior event was Senior Step Up Day last May, when the awaiting class of juniors became seniors—a big “step” up in their high school careers. Senior Gabriella Kinsey describes her thoughts of that day as “literally one of the best days of high school, from designing your crown to taking super cute pictures. I loved how the whole senior class was together and the bond was unreal.” It was an event that provided seniors with a way to express themselves with a crown. As a truly memorable day, Jillian Medina reminisces, “It was so much fun, emotional and entertaining. The pictures really explain how happy everyone was, but I’m truly glad I was able to express myself [by] decorating my crown.”

   Memories and experiences are what come out of beautiful times, just like these one time events like the Senior Social and Step Up Day. The passage of time marks the beginning of a new adventure and the end of an old one. The memories made in the year of last hurrahs are the very memories that will last a lifetime.