The 2022 Snow Bowl Review

Trisha Villanueva, STAFF WRITER

   Competitive cheer filled the air with five minutes on the clock. SGA hosted the Snow Bowl after school on January 6th. Eight teams of five competed against each other. The list of teams are as follows: The Wiggles, Diversity, J.A.C.K.K.Y Chan, Hollywood Heroes, Josh and Friends, PPCHS Dodge Ball Team, The Charter Lovers (SGA team since the original team was unable to attend), and Pines. 

For the first round, four teams played at the same time, with five minutes on the clock. On the west side of the court, The Wiggles went against Diversity, and on the east side, J.A.C.K.K.Y Chan went against Hollywood Heroes. The Wiggles won and the Hollywood Heroes won.

For the second round, Josh and Friends competed against the PPCHS Dodge Ball Team on the west side, while The Charter Lovers and Pines competed on the east side of the court. It was fun watching my friends on the Josh and Friends team and the PPCHS Dodgeball Team compete, knowing that they’re all competitive. After time was up, I was excited to see that the PPCHS Dodge Ball Team moved on to the next round. On the east side, the Pines team defeated The Charter Lovers. 

Things started to get more intense during the third round. The Wiggles went against the Hollywood Heroes, and the PPCHS Dodgeball Team went against Pines. One by one, the Pines team was able to eliminate players off of the PPCHS Dodge Ball Team. The last player remaining on the team was junior Shane Wooden. He tried to catch a ball so that one person in his team could come back in, but he wasn’t able to. He says, “Being the last one in for my team was really exciting, but also really nerve-racking. I tried catching a ball to get back someone on my team before time ran out, but didn’t end up doing it or winning against the 1 v 3. The event as a whole was fun and I hope SGA does it again next year.”. The PPCHS Dodgeball Team lost, which left the Pines team to move on to the final round. The Wiggles team successfully defeated the Hollywood Heroes, bringing them to the final round.

The final round was where The Wiggles and Pines competed against each other. The Wiggles team eliminated one player after the other on the Pines team, until the final player was hit by the ball. As soon as the player was out, The Wiggles team celebrated their victory. All teams received medals, but The Wiggles team also received a Dunkin’ gift card. 

Junior audience member Connor Pierce expresses, “The dodgeball tournament was very entertaining. All of the players had amazing energy and tried their hardest. Unfortunately the team I was rooting for didn’t win, but that didn’t take away from how fun it was to watch.”