Hey Google: Do My Homework: Charter’s Perspective on Technology

Point Counter Point


Valerie Questell, Clubs Editor

   Snap! Math equations can be solved with the snap of a photo, and foreign languages can be easily translated by a tap on a keyboard. I believe technology has gradually made people “dumber”. The dependency on technology has increased, especially after the year of being at home. Students have taken advantage of remote learning by having technology at their fingertips. Some people would even be lost if Google Maps wasn’t accessible. The pandemic has brought easily accessible technology to our doorsteps. 

   Doubtlessly, technology has made society ignorant and incapable of forming their own opinion without searching it up. Between current events and even our homework, people live and breathe technology. To support my argument, here is an interesting perspective on this topic:

   “It all depends on the person. Technology is meant to make our lives easier. It’s easier to learn new things and at the same time, it’s easier to get through life without learning.” 

– Mr. Toepel, Web Design Teacher

   Many students here at Charter could agree. Students are also being affected by technology. Some can agree that it has benefits, but overall it could be the reason why test scores are so high from last year. With technology easily accessible, anything can be solved without prior knowledge. Here is what students from Mr. Toepel’s web design class had to say about this topic:

   “I think technology has revolutionized the way we learn. But it’s also made people lazy and since we always have to search things up on google, we don’t really have to make an effort to study.” 

-Andres Vilanova, Sophomore

   “I think that it depends on how the person uses technology. If they use it productively to enhance their learning, it will allow them to become smarter. But if not, then it’s just making them dumber”

-Ozzy Yanez, Sophomore

   Not only does misuse of technology affect our day-to-day aspects, but it has also affected students. Students have the world on their screens and access to unlimited information and resources. Our education is important to us, and technology is not necessary to assist that. The sky’s the limit when it comes to technology, but does that mean students use it properly? 

   “Technology makes people dumber. With the world at our fingertips, there is no longer a need for critical thinking. Anything can be done with a swipe or a simple phrase. Technology has limited the brain to be challenged.”

-Jayna Brunner, Senior

   “I think it depends on what you are using the technology for. If you are using it to find useful info, it’ll make you smarter; if you aren’t, it probably won’t”

-Julian Villarta, Senior

Technology is making people “dumber”. Regardless of what it is used for, the dependency on technology has dramatically changed.