Technology is Not Making People Dumber and Here’s Why:

Point Counter Point


Trisha Villanueva, Staff Writer

   “Collectively, technology has made us smarter, more capable, and more productive” (The Conversation).

   It is no surprise that we have become so reliant on technology. The past year especially, as we did online school. It can be argued that technology has made us “dumber”, but the truth is, it has helped students in many ways and continues to do so.

   Technology is used everyday in different job fields. In the medical field, there are many machines used to help doctors, nurses, scientists, and more. In businesses, technology is used to cut down the time to do tasks that will take longer without them.  Furthermore,students use technology for a variety of reasons. Some use it to search for different explanations or examples, while others use it to access different resources and platforms, and also to communicate with their classmates or teachers. Not to mention how accessible technology is when you want to study on the bus or even while switching classes. Here’s a few different perspectives on this topic from Charter students and teachers. 

   “Technology and science go hand in hand. In science, we investigate and we observe, which makes us smarter. Because of science, we have technology. Technology makes science better, and vice versa. It makes life practical.” 

– Ms. Carrasco, AICE Marine Science teacher

   “There have been times where I did not understand concepts that were taught in class, so I would go on the Internet to search up different explanations to help me better understand.” 

– Natalie Palacin, Junior

   “Technology gives people access to different resources and platforms, allowing them to gain information but also allowing for communication to happen.”

– Sushant Kannan, Junior

   In addition to study guides and test reviews, students can get more practice on the materials they will be tested on with the different websites teachers use to assign classwork or homework assignments. 

   “Teachers assign work online on Quest, Kuta Works, or Khan Academy. These extra resources in turn help students learn the materials more efficiently.”

– Arin Sareddy, Junior

   “Technology has really made school a lot easier for me. I probably use it the most for studying. Almost everything I need is on my phone or laptop, so it just makes accessing stuff and studying in unideal places – like the school bus in the morning- really simple.”

– Chelsea Ugwuozor, Junior

   While it is considered a bad thing to be reliant on technology, we can’t deny the fact that it has made us smarter and has helped us be productive. It’s no secret that technology will only continue to advance and we will still use them regardless of the negative effects.