Christ-in Berry


          “Sophomore year just because I was on the cheer team, and I took dance class. Me and my friends would just have fun all day…we would laugh and just be silly.” Christ-In Evanny Berry. “100%” Haitian (born in Port-Au-Prince). Stuck between going to Istituto Marangoni Miami fashion school or Johnson & Wales University. Libra, & she loves being one as it “perfectly” describes her. People may sometimes think that she seems unapproachable, but she’s actually just a chill person who’s to herself a lot of the time. She’s the type to “love” love and value kindness and respect yet also the type to abhor the loud, rude, & self-righteous. And so, she’s definitely someone who won’t ever force anything or burst anyone’s bubble. Christ-In is, anyhow, still dramatic, tending to overreact without first attempting to find a solution. But she does make an effort to look at the bright side of things, especially when it comes to her vision for the future. And although she wants to work on making her ideas come to life (instead of just “talking about it”), Christ-In will someday become a “boss” in the fashion industry, for sure. With an education in both fashion and business, she’ll be talented enough to work every aspect of the fashion world: styling, modelling, handling business deals. She’ll be adaptive like her mom, able to make do with what she’s presented with as she lives under the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” She’ll be someone who’s always travelling with her husband Brandon, a daughter, and a son named Cairo as they’ll own different properties in Florida, Europe, Haiti, Puerto Rico, & Toronto. Charter support team: my sister, Shaniah C., Genesis. Favorite movie: Clueless. Favorite show: Money Heist. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Find your friends…and make memories.”

  • By: Jena Manning